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Indoor Ad Network RestaurantAs the name suggests, Indoor Ad Network is an effective and localized tool to expose your brand and/or logo in various highly desirable locations.  We have developed and cultivated Indoor Ad Network to become the largest of its kind in the Delaware Valley. Since 2001, we have strategically hand-picked each and every location that our network has implemented.

The inception of Indoor Ad Network came about when we realized local businesses were having a hard time competing with national and regional based companies that ultimately were, and still are, competing with mom and pop businesses.

Because big businesses have larger budgets to produce and replicate their brands in a regional market their brands can become more effective. However, when a mom and pop business places an ad in a newspaper, for example, they like to only target a geographic area, when, in fact, the newspaper is distributed beyond their market.

That is why SMW created the Indoor Ad Network. To give the small companies a chance to advertise in their localized market and have the same brand name and logo reinforcement with a smaller budget.

IAN is the leading digital advertising solution in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and our network is growing every day.

Vendors have long been searching for new and innovative ways to get their name, brand, and/or product in front of consumers as traditional print media is saturated, boring, and slowing down. Also, one of the major concerns with traditional media is how much is wasted when an advertisement misses its targeted market – i.e. A hair salon that services customers from within 5 miles yet advertises with a news paper that services the whole county.

indoor ad networkWelcome to Indoor Ad Network – A new media opportunity using digital signage that enables local and regional businesses to get in front of their targeted markets.

We are the premier digital signage network in the area and we have partnered with the most established high-traffic locations in the area. Our screens are strategically placed where your customers will be able to view them and learn about you and your product creating top of mind awareness.

Facts About Digital Signage:

Nielsen Media Research company conducted a month-long study inquiring about digital signage and its effects on consumer behavior. The study consisted of over 1000 exit interviews with patrons at over 1300 different “research test” stores and aimed to do two very important things:

• Measure the size of the audience.
• Measure that audience’s involvement with the medium.

The results of the study:

• 77% of those interviewed agreed that in the “research test” store the Indoor Digital Billboard provided “an easy way to learn about the new product.”
• 68% agreed that the “research test” store would “influence their decision o buy the advertised product in the future.”
• 65% agreed it would make them “think more positively “about the advertised product.
• 44% agreed the advertising on the screen in the “research test” store has “influenced them to buy the advertised product instead of the one they planned to buy.”

Why choose digital signage over other media?

• Ad recall and retention in digital signage is better than in any traditional advertising.
• Viewers cannot skip DDS ads.
• Newspaper ads are usually viewed once a day at most, while DDS delivers more frequency.
• DDS ads are more compelling because of full-motion.
• DDS ads are more flexible; they can be customized and aimed at smaller target audiences within a larger audience.
• DDS is more cost-effective (Lower CPM) then most newspapers and magazines, while having a higher targeting ability and impact. (CPM = Cost Per Thousand)

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