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About Propane

Whether you’re using propane for the first time, thinking about switching to it or just curious,we can help demystify propane and teach you everything that you need to know about the fuel.

What is propane? Propane is a gas, but is compressed and stored in a liquid form in the tank.

What does it look like? Propane is actually colorless and odorless. An odor is only added so it can be identified.

Where does it come from? Propane is made in the USA.

What is propane used for? Propane has multiple purposes. It can be used to heat your home, for water heating, cooking, fireplace inserts, generators and also for engines. Propane has been in the news a lot recently for its use fueling automobiles.

What is it called? Some other names for propane are liquefied petroleum gas or LPG. 

Why propane? It is affordable, clean and there is plenty of it.

Why are Propane Prices Different by city, county and state?  Propane prices vary for several reasons.  First, some delivery companies just charge more than others because customers don’t always demand or research the current price of propane.  The other reasons are based on when the propane is purchased.  Many dealer lock in the propane prices in advance and then resell it at that price so they don’t lose money even if the market prices changes.  Since we offer propane delivery services in over 35 states we see a wide range of pricing.  Each state and municipality may charge taxes and service fees which dealers often pass onto the customer as a higher propane price.  The good news is that we work very hard to eliminate dealers that are charging too much in compared to their peers in the states and counties we service.

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