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Compare Propane connects you with pre-certified propane dealers who will bid for your business. Fill out our form and see how quickly local propane dealers reach out to you to provide exceptional service and the lowest propane prices possible.

Our Story

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Compare Propane was started in 2014 with the goal of providing transparent pricing of propane fuel across the country. We wanted to provide an equal opportunity playing field for both consumers and propane providers alike when it comes to purchasing and selling propane. The founders of Compare Propane came together from the propane, marketing, and consumer pricing industries to create a one-stop solution for consumers to find the best deal possible for their propane purchases. The goal was straightforward – bringing propane providers to even ground when competing for new customers.

Back in 2014, we noticed that there was a severe gap in the propane market for consumers looking to make informed purchases of propane from online resources. Since the birth of the internet, many different consumer-focused industries have been optimized and improved upon through the creation of tools designed to aggregate pricing information for customers. Nowadays it’s expected to be able to get the best retail price possible when purchasing a hotel, car, or any other type of product with multiple options to choose from. 

The one area we saw lacked this type of innovation was the natural gas industry but also wood pellets, heating oil, other heating fuels, and most of all propane industry and propane inventories. Consumers making the decision between propane providers within their area were heavily dependent on manually performing research on retail price with providers themselves in order to find the best deal possible. This not only puts unneeded work on the end of the customer but also leaves consumers in the dark about if they did get the best deal possible or not. This is why most people without too much will not bother to go for any major propane supplier.

Compare Propane was created to solve this problem for consumers and bring a modern solution to the process of choosing a propane provider. By providing real-time propane prices directly from government sources and connecting customers directly with multiple propane providers within your area that we have direct relationships with, we offer full transparency and opportunity to our customers by ensuring they are getting the best deal possible on their propane and have all the information available to them in order to make an informed decision before making a commitment that can last years. Our aim is to remove the frustration of looking for a reliable provider while also making sure you are getting the best deal possible, and we continue to work towards this goal.

Ryan McCabe

Ryan McCabe is the founder and lead content author of ComparePropane.com. With roots in the energy industry dating back to 2003, Ryan’s journey began as an ambitious intern at Conectiv Energy’s hourly power trading desk. It wasn’t just any desk; it was a dynamic environment where he cultivated a deep-seated understanding of energy markets and trading dynamics.

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