Ryan McCabe

Ryan McCabe is the founder and lead content author of ComparePropane.com. With roots in the energy industry dating back to 2003, Ryan’s journey began as an ambitious intern at Conectiv Energy’s hourly power trading desk. It wasn’t just any desk; it was a dynamic environment where he cultivated a deep-seated understanding of energy markets and trading dynamics.

After securing his degree from the esteemed University of Pittsburgh, Ryan transitioned into the refined products marketing sector, signaling the start of his career in fuel supply and marketing. Since 2004, he has held the reins of fuel supply, trading, and pricing at multiple retail propane and heating oil suppliers. Over the years, Ryan has meticulously developed an extensive working knowledge that spans the expanse of the energy domain. His expertise is particularly pronounced in the realm of liquid and transportation fuels.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Ryan perceived a gap in the propane consumer market and, in 2015, launched ComparePropane.com with the goal of helping consumers find the best possible price on propane for their home or small business. This venture was aimed at helping those consumers navigate the complicated world of propane and propane pricing as well as giving vetted dealers a reliable place where they can win new customers based on strong service and competitive pricing. 

Recent Articles by Ryan: