Why Us?

Compare Propane is the leading propane fuel exchange for domestic users in the continental United States. With our combined years of experience in the propane fuel market, we understand the needs of the consumer. 

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Experience, Expertise & Customer Centric Through our affiliates we provide services to thousands of homeowners and business owners across all 48 continental states across the United States. We understand that it is within every consumers rights to get a fair price for a commodity such as propane fuel, which is why we work directly with providers to ensure all of our clients receive the best pricing possible by having providers compete against one another directly for your business, ensuring that you have both options and assurance the lowest price you are offered is indeed the best deal within your area.

Creating a Fair Playing Field.  Compare Propane was created to make purchasing propane at a fair price as easy as possible for the consumer, whether you are looking for a propane provider for your household or an entire commercial operation. From our experience first hand working within the propane industry, we were frustrated about how difficult it was for customers to make informed decisions on their propane purchases due to the lack of available accurate pricing information for their local area online, so we set out to create a solution that leveled the playing field between providers and customers by providing accurate, up to date information on propane prices, and connecting them directly with local propane providers in their area in order to ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

Propane Delivery Prices.  Similar to the pricing of other household and industrial fuels, propane pricing can vary wildly depending on the provider. This is primarily due to providers not being legally required to publicly publish their rates, as propane pricing is not regulated. Because of this, for all service areas we cover we display the average cost of propane per gallon for their area so that customers have knowledge prior to negotiating with providers what they generally should expect for pricing. 

We also require our partners to publish their rates so we can see who is competitive at the time you are shopping for prices, ensuring that you are getting the best deal possible at the time of purchase. These savings can be very significant to the customer, as a difference of $.50 can result in thousands of dollars of savings depending upon usage.

Technological Leaders. We built Compare Propane using pricing information pulled directly from government sources and combined this with our platform to create a fair environment for both the buyer and the seller. Our system automatically removes high price dealers and quickly connects you with the best local pre-certified propane delivery companies in your area.