Why Us?

Compare Propane is the leading propane fuel exchange in the Eastern and Southern United States. With years of experience in the propane fuel and heating oil markets we understand the needs of the consumer.

Experience, Expertise & Customer Centric. Through our affiliates we provide services to thousands of homeowners and business owners in the Northeastern, Eastern, MidAtlantic, Midwest and Southern states. In fact, we now provide Propane Delivery Services in 35 states.  We know what level of service our residential and commercial clients expect. We also understand that paying a “fair” price for a commodity like propane fuel is a right that every consumer deserves.

Creating a Fair Playing Field.  ComparePropane.com was designed as a way for busy homeowners and commercial property owners to get a fair deal and excellent service when buying propane.  Our goal is make the process easy as possible.  Our system matches local pre-certified propane delivery services with buyers based on volume and location of the customer.

Propane Delivery Prices.  Like Gasoline, propane prices vary widely between propane delivery companies.  If you ever wondered why a gas station has a different price from another directly across the street – it can be much worse when it comes to propane prices because dealers generally don’t publish their rates to the public.  ComparePropane.com requires our partners to publish their rates so we see who is competitive at the time you are shopping for propane prices.  The savings can be very significant.  A $0.50 differential can result in $1,000 of savings depending upon usage.

Technological Leaders. We’ve built Compare Propane using technology that’s designed to create a fair environment for both the buyer and the seller.  Our system automatically removes high price dealers and quickly connects you with the best local pre-certified propane delivery companies.