Nebraska Propane Delivery Prices

The most recent propane price in Nebraska is: $1.64 per gal.

Prices during the summer months generally remain flat.
NebraskaJun 22, 2024$1.64 per gallon
Here is how the prices have been trending over the last few months.
Jun 07, 2024$1.64 per gallon
May 03, 2024$1.68 per gallon
Apr 12, 2024$1.71 per gallon
Mar 01, 2024$1.69 per gallon
Feb 02, 2024$1.67 per gallon
Jan 05, 2024$1.59 per gallon
Dec 22, 2023$1.59 per gallon

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How are propane prices determined in Nebraska?

Nebraska experiences fairly cold winters, particularly in January, with average temperatures ranging from around 10 degrees to the 40s. January is historically the coldest month, bringing sub-zero temperatures and wind chills. While these cold conditions impact propane prices, other factors come into play.

Firstly, the amount of propane used each year significantly affects prices; increased demand often leads to price increases. People’s choices in fuels like natural gas or heating oil also influence the propane market, as these alternatives can compete with propane. Additionally, the size of your propane tank can influence your costs, with smaller tanks resulting in higher bills. On the flip side, national propane inventory levels are vital for maintaining a balance between supply and demand, ultimately affecting what you pay for propane.

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How are propane prices determined in Nebraska?

Anyone new to using propane for heating gets puzzled by the pricing. If you’re wondering whether crazy rate fluctuations in Nebraska are business as usual and want to find out who determines these rates, here are the answers.

Although the price of any fuel type is defined on a state level – the same way Natural Gas is – the rate you get it at is determined by multiple factors. Aside from national stakeholders having their say in propane pricing, some suppliers indeed charge more than others. People in Nebraska have reported saving up to $2.00 a gallon for home heating just by switching providers with consumer friendly pricing.


Propane Prices in Nebraska Remain Stable Over The Years

During a cold winter season propane increases in price in Nebraska. Filling up a propane tank or buying any fuel type like Natural Gas, at that point may not be the most cost-effective choice. The price per gallon you can expect to pay during a summer season indeed differs in comparison to the gallon pricing during the cold winter.

Looking at the data, using propane for home heating systems makes a good choice compared to other fuel sources. Keep in mind though that households that use propane solely for cooking or hot water, generally pay a higher cost per gallon.

Propane tanks used for home heating, generators, and appliances


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Propane Prices in Nebraska Remain Below National Averages

Nebraska is in a good spot when it comes to propane prices, especially in winter. Unlike some very cold states, propane prices in Nebraska stay pretty steady and are much less expensive, which is great for the people living there. In the past two heating seasons, the average price for a gallon of propane was around $1.95, making it a reliable and affordable choice.

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 season, the trend is still looking good for propane users. Prices are starting at less than $1.60 on average, providing a cost-effective way for homeowners to keep their homes warm in the upcoming months.


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