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ComparePropane is the largest source of US retail propane customer data. We have a real-time customer marketplace of retail propane users looking for a supplier. We map customers to dealers based on the zip code level, and send out real-time introductions via email at the exact moment that the customer confirms they’d like to receive a propane delivery. Our dealers then reach out to the customer and run them through their normal sales and onboarding process to sign the customer on to their delivery service. 

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Package Zip Codes Price
Local 99 or less Zip Codes $50 /lead
Traveler 100 to 499 Zip Codes $40 /lead
Regional 500 to 4,999 Zip Codes $30 /lead
National 5,000+ Zip Codes $20 /lead

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About Compare Propane

Committed to Customers.  At Compare Propane we are committed to offering the best support to both our customers and our propane dealers. We created Compare Propane to help propane consumers find the best propane price and to help connect dealers with valuable new customers without the hassle of marketing.

Join Our Team. If you have any questions about becoming a Compare Propane pre-certified propane dealer, we would be happy to answer them. Simply call or email us and a Compare Propane specialist will get back to you.

Acquire Customers Today! Customers are standing by, ready to receive competitive bids from the top propane companies in their area, so act now if you think that you would be a good candidate!

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What Dealers are Saying

“I love seeing those Hot Lead notifications in my inbox!”
– New England Dealer

“Got another ComparePropane whole house heating win today!!!”
– PA Dealer

“We call the customers right away and we close one in four, sometimes even better.”
– South East Dealer