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a propane powered generator located next door to a house.

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Did you ever wonder about propane powered generators? Allow us to help you understand!

Thousands of people are left without power after storms hit. Many more would be stuck in the dark if it wasn’t for their backup generators. If you’re one of those people who are often stuck charging your phone in your car or throwing out all of the food from a warm fridge when storms hit, you should consider a propane-powered generator for backup for the next time a troubling forecast is announced.

Benefits of Permanent & Portable Propane Powered Generators


  • Re-energize your home within seconds after it loses power.
  • Power your entire home and even hot water to prevent your pipes from freezing in prolonged ice storms.
  • Hooks up to your existing fuel source.


  • More affordable than permanent ones.
  • Smaller sizes can be wheeled to the location where they are needed.

Consider these things before you buy:

  • All of the items that need to be fueled during an emergency.
  • The total watts from each item to determine the size of the machine required.
  • Whether you would want an automatic system that starts when you are home and not at home.
  • Don’t forget about the refrigerator/freezers, as well as well pumps if your home has well water.

Now that you know more about portable vs permanent generators, start thinking about buying one fueled by propane to save you from losing power during the ice, snow or thunderstorm. Contact certified propane dealers in your area to learn about propane tank installations for whole-house generators today.

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Ryan McCabe

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