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Summer’s over, so you know what that means…football season has begun! While some might think the grilling season has peaked, true football fans know that that is definitely not the case. Tailgating for your team is half the fun and everyone can agree that nothing is better than the smell of BBQ lingering around your tailgate spot. So, don’t pack up your grill just yet! See how easy it is to root for your team and grill with propane on a portable grill, at your next game. Here’s how:

Check your tank

Nothing is worse than running out of propane in the middle of any BBQ. Don’t be that guy by planning ahead and checking your tank to make sure that you have enough fuel to last you the entire tailgate (or however long you plan to be grilling). Fill up your tank a few days before the game, so you won’t be driving around and looking for a fill station on the morning of.

Check out our propane tank refill guide.

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And if you can, securely bring a second tank if you think that you will need it. (We said securely because safety is always a priority with propane. Make sure your propane tanks aren’t rolling around in your car when you are driving, by putting it in a box or plastic crate. Also, note the weather, and don’t leave a propane tank in the car for a long period of time).

Watch this video on how to transport your propane tank:

Gather Supplies the Day Before

The propane for a propane grill is obviously important, but let’s be honest, the food is key. Get the food, marinades, and cooking supplies like tongs, etc. the day before your tailgate. Marinade the meat the night before and set everything up, so it will be ready to go the day of. Pull the cooler out of the garage and grab ice, so you are all set. Once you set up shop in the parking lot for the tailgate, it is almost impossible to drive out to go get anything that you might have forgotten at the store. And let’s be honest, no one would want to anyway… so it’s better to prep ahead of time.

grilled food

Know the Rules

Every parking lot and stadium is different, but most have a defined set of rules when it comes to tailgating. To save yourself any potential trouble, be aware of these rules before you go. Nothing kills a party like having to pack up and move spots (or worse shut down) during the middle of the day. Most places have their rules and guidelines up on their website, so check there first and if you don’t see them, consider calling and asking. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Get there early

The early bird gets the worm and that is true when it comes to tailgating! Pick the best spot next to the grass, water, stadium, bathroom…whatever you prefer. The bottom line is that when you get there early enough, you can choose your spot and won’t have to worry about fitting your car into one of the last parking spots.

Space it out

Not only will getting there early help you find the perfect location, but you will also be able to put out all of your stuff (including your valuable propane portable grill) and find the best place. If it’s a hot day, put the grill away from your sitting area, so you aren’t making your friends sweat more than they already are. If it’s a cold day, maybe everyone won’t mind sitting downwind of the BBQ’s heat. And as always, be safe. Don’t put your grill under a tent or too close to any chairs or tables.

Time Accordingly

Think about what time you will want to eat and what time you will want to enter the stadium. Want to make sure you see the teams run onto the field? Then, start grilling early enough to fill up your friends’ stomachs before this. Also, make sure that you have enough time to shut everything down and pack up what you can.

Securely shut off

propane tank for bbq

Once you are ready to go into the game, double-check that you have securely shut off your propane grill and closed the valve on the BBQ propane tank. Do NOT put your tank in your car. Leave it outside until after the game and then, make sure that it is fastened properly before you go to transport it, so it will not roll around the car or back of your truck.

We hope these tips help you have a great time at your next tailgate!

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