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Keys to Choosing the Right Propane Delivery Company

Finding the Right Value

Now that August is here it’s hard to think about snow and ice since we have traded our snow shovels for beach chairs. But when you’re choosing a propane company, how they perform during harsh winter conditions should be your primary concern.  The true value of a propane company is realized during those harsh months from November to April and here’s why.


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dependability during the winter

Not all L/P gallons are created equally. It is much easier for a propane delivery company to quote a low ball propane prices in summer when there is plenty of product available. The summer means a slow time of year for deliveries and the roadways are clear for the most part. Unless you live in Pennsylvania, where you can go fishing in the potholes after this winter! What you should consider when choosing a company is how will they perform when it’s two degrees outside and there are two feet of snow on the ground. Will they have product? Will they make my delivery on time?

Step 1: Gather your quotes-

Get quotes from a few companies in your area. Be honest with your usage and what you L/P Gas Needs are. Instead of taking hours to call around you can gather quotes quickly with our help

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Step 2: Cheapest Propane quote does not equal most value

Like many of you, my home is my biggest investment, and choosing a discount fly-by-night propane dealer is what can be called “penny wise and dollar foolish”. The cost of being left out in the cold (literally) will far exceed any price per gallon savings by going with a discount company 50 times over. If pipes freeze and water damage occur, your money will start evaporating quicker than you can imagine.

Step 3: Reputation Counts

I am very proud to say that we screen our propane dealers very strictly and we only allow companies with a long-standing tradition of dependability into our program. Our propane companies will give you peace of mind when the forecast is calling for a foot of snow and frigid temperatures, so you can feel confident that you made the right choice when the winter comes. Trust me, there is no better propane delivery than the one you get when a big snow storm is approaching!

Why are propane prices cheaper in the summer?

Step 4: Don’t Delay

L/P gas prices can vary from day to day. Once you have shifted through the various companies and made your decision do not wait weeks and weeks to sign on with that L/P Delivery company. It’s best to get set up before the prices change and before the cold weather is upon us.

Step 5: Wrapping Up

Just to recap.

  • Get multiple propane price quotes  (we can help with that) https://www.comparepropane.com
  • Choose a company based on their delivery history, not price alone.
  • Make your decision and sign on sooner than later


Thanks for taking the time to read this. Comparepropane.com has made this process of choosing a company much easier for our users. We allow you to get multiple quotes with one click of a button. In addition, we have weeded out the fly by night companies and only allow reputable companies with long-standing customer service and superior  delivery history.

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